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Створення логотипу TalaModa

Завдання: створити логотип для в'язаних аксесуарів.

Надаємо замовнику перші ескізи.

Первые эскизы логотипа для TalaModa

Замовник: беремо за основу рукописний шрифт, потрібні варіанти.

Надсилаємо нові ескізи клієнту:

Эскизы логотипа с рукописным шрифтом

Замовник: варто використовувати більше вензелів.

Надсилаємо додаткові ескізи.

Эскизы логотипа с вензелями

Новые эскизы логотипа с вензелями

Замовник: потрібні варіанти.


Логотипы с вензелями

Вибрано ескіз логотипу під номером три.

Малюємо його в різних варіантах затвердженої колірної гами.

Логотипы TalaModa в цвете

Вибрано логотип номер 1. Робота завершена.

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відгуки клієнтів

Very professional and easy to work with. Will hire again as needed and certainly recommend to others!

Trevor Davenport, USA, Chicago

Оценка 5

Thanks for your job. Good website was created and communication was also very good, what is very important. I will surely hire you again for my next projects. Thanks. Vince

Vincenzo Morandi, Switzerland, Geneva

Оценка 5

The first part of the work was done well. If you want more information contact me

Vincenzo Morandi,

Оценка 3

These guys are awsome, they did a perfect job. I'm very happy with the final result. The communication was very good, this team is very professional and flexible and very high quality. They helped me with thinking and testing to improve the final product. Very high reccomended!

Wilfred Bosman, Netherlands, Amsterdam

Оценка 5

Great to work with, will go beyond the task that you needed done

Eldar Makhmudov,

Оценка 5

After few weeks and several freelancer trials. I was able to hire msgroup and he was able to help me get this project done. It was very good meeting this person and I am now able to complete this project. Good A++ Freelancer Highly recommended

Faizal Johnson, USA, Houston

Оценка 5

Small Drupal task, well executed, good communication!

Tobias H., Austria, Vienna

Оценка 5

good with the first part of the website, but too long time to get it done. If you want more information contact me.

Vincenzo Morandi,

Оценка 3

Great team to work with Although we hit some difficulties due to complexity of the work but we manage to finish the job with excellent result

Dilan M.R. Roshani, Iraq, Baghdad

Оценка 5

Very professional guys, they helped me to save a lot of money and now my site has amazing traffic. I become a regular costumer for MSGROUP and from now one they managing my site.

Bronislav Teplitskiy, USA, Seattle

Оценка 5