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Створення веб-сайту для компанії з комплексного обслуговування майнінгу в Україні

Завдання: розробити лендинг з вичерпною інформацією про майнінг криптовалют та варіанти інвестицій. Додатково створити функціонал інтернет-магазину з продажу комплектуючих для майнінг-ферм.

Роботу над проектом починаємо з відмальовування та затвердження головної сторінки, яка є лендингом.

Лендинг для майнинга

Дизайн сторінок каталогу для інтернет-магазину.

Страницы каталога товаров

Зовнішній вигляд блогу.

Дизайн страниц блога

Зовнішній вигляд спливаючих таблиць.

Таблица с данными

Вид сайту на планшеті.

Вид сайту на смартфоні.

Вид на смартфоне

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Good work! Just as ordered


Оценка 5

Great team to work with Although we hit some difficulties due to complexity of the work but we manage to finish the job with excellent result

Dilan M.R. Roshani, Iraq, Baghdad

Оценка 5

very good team, all tasks where completed like adviced

Webdesign reselling agency, Italy, Roma

Оценка 5

Great to work with, will go beyond the task that you needed done

Eldar Makhmudov,

Оценка 5

Very professional and easy to work with. Will hire again as needed and certainly recommend to others!

Trevor Davenport, USA, Chicago

Оценка 5

Excellent job, will definitely work with him again

Ihor Kyselov, USA, Boston

Оценка 5

Very professional guys, they helped me to save a lot of money and now my site has amazing traffic. I become a regular costumer for MSGROUP and from now one they managing my site.

Bronislav Teplitskiy, USA, Seattle

Оценка 5

The first part of the work was done well. If you want more information contact me

Vincenzo Morandi,

Оценка 3

This is our 2nd project together. I will hire them on the next project as soon as needed.

Patrick Edmond, Republic of Moldova, Kishinev

Оценка 5

Ivan was positive, right from the start. He showed confidence and assured us from Day One, that he and his team would be able to complete the given task and get the desired results with the in the stipulated time frame. These guys are very professional people and I would highly recommend other employers to hire them. We are very happy with the way they have dealt with the project. Thanks MSGROUP

Bob, Singapore

Оценка 5