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Створення інтернет-магазину спортивного одягу Joma

Завдання: Дизайн та розробка інтернет-магазину, що продає спортивний одяг та взуття іспанського бренду Joma.

Дизайн головної сторінки сайту:

Дизайн сайта для Joma - изображение 1

Сторінка каталогу товарів:

Дизайн сайта для Joma - изображение 2

Карточка товару:

Дизайн сайта для Joma - изображение 3

Сторінка реєстрації та авторизації користувачів:

Дизайн сайта для Joma - изображение 4

Кошик та оформлення замовлення:

Дизайн сайта для Joma - изображение 5

Сайт адаптований під мобільні пристрої:

Дизайн сайта для Joma - изображение 6

Дизайн сайта для Joma - изображение 7

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відгуки клієнтів

Great team to work with Although we hit some difficulties due to complexity of the work but we manage to finish the job with excellent result

Dilan M.R. Roshani, Iraq, Baghdad

Оценка 5

MSGROUP was able to complete the job at good rate... I am planning on working on more projects later. A++

Faizal Johnson,

Оценка 5

good with the first part of the website, but too long time to get it done. If you want more information contact me.

Vincenzo Morandi,

Оценка 3

Great work. Nice to cooperate with.

KOTNIS. Software Developer, Poland, Wroclaw

Оценка 5

Ivan was positive, right from the start. He showed confidence and assured us from Day One, that he and his team would be able to complete the given task and get the desired results with the in the stipulated time frame. These guys are very professional people and I would highly recommend other employers to hire them. We are very happy with the way they have dealt with the project. Thanks MSGROUP

Bob, Singapore

Оценка 5

Good communication. Good work.

KOTNIS. Software Developer, Poland, Wroclaw

Оценка 5

After few weeks and several freelancer trials. I was able to hire msgroup and he was able to help me get this project done. It was very good meeting this person and I am now able to complete this project. Good A++ Freelancer Highly recommended

Faizal Johnson, USA, Houston

Оценка 5

Great team

Aharon (Henry) Elgrissy, USA, Los Angeles

Оценка 5

Great to work with, will go beyond the task that you needed done

Eldar Makhmudov,

Оценка 5

These guys are awsome, they did a perfect job. I'm very happy with the final result. The communication was very good, this team is very professional and flexible and very high quality. They helped me with thinking and testing to improve the final product. Very high reccomended!

Wilfred Bosman, Netherlands, Amsterdam

Оценка 5