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Задача: создать баннера 18-ти форматов для медийной рекламы в Google.

Баннера горизонтального формата. Размеры 980х120, 970х250, 970х90, 930х180, 728х90 и 468х60 пикселей.

Баннер Ogercompany 980х120

Баннер Ogercompany 970х250

Баннер Ogercompany 970х90

Баннер Ogercompany 930х180

Баннер Ogercompany 728х90

Баннер Ogercompany 468х60

Баннера 336х280, 250х250, 200х200.

Баннер Ogercompany 336х280 Баннер Ogercompany 250х250 Баннер Ogercompany 200х200

Баннера вертикальных форматов 300х1050, 300х600, 160х600, 120х600.

Баннер Ogercompany 300х1050 Баннер Ogercompany 300х600 Баннер Ogercompany 160х600 Баннер Ogercompany 120х600

Баннера 580х400 и 250х360 пикселей.

Баннер Ogercompany 580х400 Баннер Ogercompany 250х360

Форматы 320х100 и 320х50 соответственно.

Баннер Ogercompany 320х100

Баннер Ogercompany 320х50

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Excelente work

Martin, Italy, Roma

Оценка 5

The first part of the work was done well. If you want more information contact me

Vincenzo Morandi,

Оценка 3

These guys are awsome, they did a perfect job. I'm very happy with the final result. The communication was very good, this team is very professional and flexible and very high quality. They helped me with thinking and testing to improve the final product. Very high reccomended!

Wilfred Bosman, Netherlands, Amsterdam

Оценка 5

Great team

Aharon (Henry) Elgrissy, USA, Los Angeles

Оценка 5

Great to work with, will go beyond the task that you needed done

Eldar Makhmudov,

Оценка 5

Fantastic jobs! Very good attitude. Will hire him again.

Jack Chan, Australia, Canberra

Оценка 5

Excellent job, will definitely work with him again

Ihor Kyselov, USA, Boston

Оценка 5

very good team, all tasks where completed like adviced

Webdesign reselling agency, Italy, Roma

Оценка 5

MSGROUP was able to complete the job at good rate... I am planning on working on more projects later. A++

Faizal Johnson,

Оценка 5

After few weeks and several freelancer trials. I was able to hire msgroup and he was able to help me get this project done. It was very good meeting this person and I am now able to complete this project. Good A++ Freelancer Highly recommended

Faizal Johnson, USA, Houston

Оценка 5