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Разработка сайта австралийской компании MembersOne

Задача: создать адаптивную вёрстку и программную часть сайта на основе предоставленных макетов заказчика.

Работу начинаем с адаптивной вёрстки всех макетов. Рамки адаптации от 320 до 2000 пикселей. Готовя графику для сайта, не забываем о владельцах мониторов Retina.

Главная страница представляет собой приглашение на сайт.

Главная страница

Внутренние страницы имеют блочную структуру и отличаются лишь наполнением.

Вид внутренних страниц

Страница контактов содержит форму для обратной связи и интерактивную карту.

Страница контактов

Собираем и наполняем все внутренние страницы сайта.

Все внутренние страницы сайта

Каждую страницу сайта проверяем на корректное отображение на любом устройстве.

Вид сайта на iPad.

MembersOne на iPad

Вид сайта на iPhone.

MembersOne на iPhone

Отзыв заказчика

Dale Klynhout

This group completed the entire task of coding a pre-designed website into the final product. Was able to complete all follow up tasks and enhancements in a timely manner. Will use again.

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отзывы клиентов

All the questions were handled professionally. Always updates about how the work goes. We will continue the cooperation for further maintenance and new features to be implemented.

Patrick Edmond, Republic of Moldova, Kishinev

Оценка 5

Excelente work

Martin, Italy, Roma

Оценка 5

Great team to work with Although we hit some difficulties due to complexity of the work but we manage to finish the job with excellent result

Dilan M.R. Roshani, Iraq, Baghdad

Оценка 5

good with the first part of the website, but too long time to get it done. If you want more information contact me.

Vincenzo Morandi,

Оценка 3

Good work! Just as ordered


Оценка 5

A terrific find! A company small enough with which to develop an ongoing, working relationship (versus the web work "factories" with so many fleeting jobs and changing staff that they cannot keep your project straight.) They were professional, enthusiastic and accommodating. Nice guys, too. I highly recommend them. These guys are GREAT! IT's a small company so the service is very personal, which is ideal in my opinion. They were courteous, accommodating, knowledgeable and dealt with a number of unexpected delays and schedule changes from me. True professionals, trustworthy and nice guys. Highly recommended!

Katherine Robinson, USA, Dallas

Оценка 5

This is our 2nd project together. I will hire them on the next project as soon as needed.

Patrick Edmond, Republic of Moldova, Kishinev

Оценка 5

Great work. Nice to cooperate with.

KOTNIS. Software Developer, Poland, Wroclaw

Оценка 5

Great to work with, will go beyond the task that you needed done

Eldar Makhmudov,

Оценка 5

Once again. Great Working together on this project. We are please with result msgroup was able to get us. The price and communication was good. We are hoping for a long working relationship. Good A++

Faizal Johnson,

Оценка 5