Задача 1: Разработать анимированные баннера двух форматов для привлечения клиентов на мероприятие.

Создаём баннер в формате 728х240 пикселей.

Отправляем заказчику на утверждение первый и второй слайд будущего баннера.

Первый слайд баннера

Второй слайд баннера

Создаём баннер в формате 200х600 пикселей.

Отрисовываем и утверждаем каждый слайд. Делаем анимацию для баннера 200х600.

Первый слайд баннера 200х600 Второй слайд баннера 200х600

Задача 2: Создать Flash-баннер для привлечения клиентов на ближайшее мероприятие.

Рисуем на утверждение слайды в формате 240х240 пикселей.

Первый слайд баннера 240x240 Второй слайд баннера 240x240 Третий слайд баннера 240x240

По просьбе заказчика меняем оттенок фона на голубой и собираем все слайды баннера в анимацию.

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Excellent job, will definitely work with him again

Ihor Kyselov, USA, Boston

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Great to work with, will go beyond the task that you needed done

Eldar Makhmudov,

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Ivan was positive, right from the start. He showed confidence and assured us from Day One, that he and his team would be able to complete the given task and get the desired results with the in the stipulated time frame. These guys are very professional people and I would highly recommend other employers to hire them. We are very happy with the way they have dealt with the project. Thanks MSGROUP

Bob, Singapore

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Great work. Nice to cooperate with.

KOTNIS. Software Developer, Poland, Wroclaw

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Great team to work with Although we hit some difficulties due to complexity of the work but we manage to finish the job with excellent result

Dilan M.R. Roshani, Iraq, Baghdad

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A terrific find! A company small enough with which to develop an ongoing, working relationship (versus the web work "factories" with so many fleeting jobs and changing staff that they cannot keep your project straight.) They were professional, enthusiastic and accommodating. Nice guys, too. I highly recommend them. These guys are GREAT! IT's a small company so the service is very personal, which is ideal in my opinion. They were courteous, accommodating, knowledgeable and dealt with a number of unexpected delays and schedule changes from me. True professionals, trustworthy and nice guys. Highly recommended!

Katherine Robinson, USA, Dallas

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This group completed the entire task of coding a pre-designed website into the final product. Was able to complete all follow up tasks and enhancements in a timely manner. Will use again.

Dale Klynhout, Australia, Sydney

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Thanks for your job. Good website was created and communication was also very good, what is very important. I will surely hire you again for my next projects. Thanks. Vince

Vincenzo Morandi, Switzerland, Geneva

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Very professional guys, they helped me to save a lot of money and now my site has amazing traffic. I become a regular costumer for MSGROUP and from now one they managing my site.

Bronislav Teplitskiy, USA, Seattle

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MSGROUP was able to complete the job at good rate... I am planning on working on more projects later. A++

Faizal Johnson,

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